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    alt. Starter Kit Vanilla

    Rich, creamy vanilla flavour.

    The alt. is a very simple and easy to use design. In the kit there is one alt. battery, one alt. pod of your desired flavour and one charging cable. Simply slot the pod into the device and breath in from the mouthpiece on the pod to activate. It really is that easy! Once the liquid is finished in your pod just replace it with a new one.

    What's in the kit?
    - 1x alt. battery
    - 1x alt. Vanilla pod
    - 1x charging cable
    - 1x user manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 268 reviews
    Fast Delivery, Great Product

    Having tried several other vape options and not finding them great, I was very happy with my alt - very easy to use and transition to from traditional smoking, and I've not looked back - others I have tried I reverted back to smoking cigarettes quite quickly, but not with alt so far :-)
    vanilla flavour is mild, not too sweet, I like it
    thanks for the opportunity to try - I've made the switch permanently now.

    Sceptic to believer

    First time I've ever decided to kick start and boot the ciggie habbit. The device and juice has done wonders for me (a smoker for the past 25+ years). Not to mention all the dosh I've saved Yuusss!! Flavoursome and not overpowering, great value for money, easy charge capability. Awesome recommendation from my whanau who are also current users of the product, Fingers x'd I'll never go back.


    alt. Starter Kit Vanilla

    ALT. Starter Kit Vanill

    Only received product yesterday and have been using since. So easy to use and love the vanilla scent


    Pretty good but mild

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