You may have seen different names in you usual flavours! - 
Don’t panic, your flavours are here to stay!
As we were preparing our product to comply the new regulations some of them had to go through a change. You may have purchased pods that had a different name OR received something saying your pods were changing names. 
Don’t worry! All your favourite flavours are staying the same!
Unfortunately the Ministry of Health provided us with incomplete information regarding their interpretation of what flavours should be sold in general stores (Gas Stations, Supermarkets & Convenience Stores.)
We have now been informed that their interpretation is menthol flavours with fruit tones are no longer allowed to be sold in general stores. Although we disagree with this interpretation and will be seeking further clarification we have, out of an abundance of caution, been forced to withdraw our menthol and mint fruit products from general stores.
The good news is these flavours are all going to remain unchanged and available from our website, other specialist vaping websites and from specialist vaping