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    alt. limited edition device - Wave

    Our alt. LE device in Wave is inspired by marine tonal swirls of azure blue.
    Pods sold separately. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews
    Sonia Smith
    I Love my alt wave

    I love my alt limited edition , I got wave is a very nice color , it is awesome that you can get colored vapes now I am thinking of getting some of the other Color’s as well,

    Thank you for your review, it's greatly appreciated! We're glad to hear you're enjoying the product!


    alt. limited edition device - Wave

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, it is greatly appreciated!

    Ben Peach
    Smoke Free

    A simple cigarette replacement, lots easier than other vaping devices, no leaks or multiple accessories or parts to cart around either!

    Awesome to hear you're happy with our service; we're glad we could help!

    Joel Corbett
    Excellent over

    It's nice to have colours available other than black, it opens up an aspect of personalisation which it great, I would hope though that these colours and possiblely more would be concidered as a permanent option to the alt range

    Russell Scampton
    Nice colour

    The good thing about having different coloured vapes is you can tell which flavour is in which vape without having to check everytime before you pick your partners one up and start puffing the wrong flavour