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    We are a New Zealand company working toward a smoke-free New Zealand

    Alt. New Zealand was founded following over 4 years of experience in the New Zealand vaping industry through the retail chain VAPO. We have heard countless success stories from our customers who have successfully transitioned from smoking to vaping.

    Despite the overwhelming success of vaping products there is still a significant smoking population in New Zealand - we set out to design a product to change the lives of more kiwi smokers.

    We worked closely with our customers to identify ways we could overcome some of the difficulties with existing vaping products.

    Through local and international research we recognised the need for New Zealand smokers to have better access to products, a product that is simple to use, a product that provides satisfaction similar to a cigarette and, importantly, a product from a New Zealand company and not manufactured by a big tobacco company that makes the same combustable cigarettes kiwis are trying to switch from.

    The Definitive Alternative to Smoking

    alt. is the solution for anyone looking to switch from combustible cigarettes.

    1. Accessibility

    alt. is available in a growing number of stores throughout New Zealand, not just at specialist vape shops. In most places you buy cigarettes you can now choose to purchase alt. instead.

    2. Ease of Use

    alt. is incredibly simple to use. Once you have used all the liquid in the pod just replace the used pod with a new pod and begin using the device again. Plug in the Micro USB to charge.

    3. Effectiveness

    alt. uses a proprietary nicotine blend that provides similar satisfaction to conventional cigarettes should you decide to choose a nicotine variant. alt. is also available in zero nicotine.