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    Sleek Design, Satisfying Hit

    alt. is designed as the definitive alternative to smoking.

    A discreet, slim design coupled with our proprietary nicotine blend for a satisfying hit.

    Discreet, simple and familiar design.

    alt. was conceived from the recognised need for an alternative to smoking that is discrete, easy and as convenient as a cigarette while providing the same satisfaction. The alt. utilises replaceable pods meaning: no refilling, no messy juice spills and no coil changes. Simply replace the pod when empty and start using the device again.

    Micro technology, macro innovation.

    alt. pods utilise the patented FEELM coil. FEELM is a cotton-free coil using a superior ceramic core that provides a smooth, consistent vapour with every drag. The resistance of the coil is optimised to maximise battery longevity for a charge that lasts all day.

    Choice and convenience, above all others.

    alt. is the alternative that gives you the power to choose. 24 different flavours of pod, four different shades of device and now available in over 3500 stores nationwide.