Shipping to Australia has now been disabled while we prep our site for prescriptions. If you're in Australia, head to to continue purchasing alt.

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    About alt.

    To have some key alt flavours remain in general stores (Gas Stations, Supermarkets & Convenience Stores) where they are easily accessible, we prepared changes to some of our flavours and packaging which would allow our products to remain stocked in these sites whilst complying with the new regulations.

    The changes to our packaging happened before key information was released to us so many of you may have purchased pods and noticed that they had a different name OR received something saying your pods were changing names. None of our flavours ever changed!

    All your favourite flavours are staying the same!

    Unfortunately, the incomplete information regarding the interpretation of what flavours should be sold in general stores (Gas Stations, Supermarkets & Convenience Stores) came after the changes we made to our packaging. Thus why some of our customers have received slightly confusing communications around the flavour names and profiles.

    We acted with the best of intentions, with our customers' wants and needs in mind. We wanted key flavours to remain where our customers wanted them to be whilst complying with the new regulations. We do apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and we immensely appreciate your ongoing support throughout this process.

    The good news is, these flavours are all going to remain unchanged and always available from our website, other specialist vaping websites and from specialist vaping retailers.