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    About alt.

    alt. is the definitive alternative to smoking. alt. is a pocket sized vaping device designed to provide a safer alternative for adult smokers that exemplifies quality, ease of use and satisfaction.

    alt. does not contain tobacco - the combustion of which is known to produce at least 60 known cancer causing chemicals.

    alt. does contain nicotine which has not been shown to cause cancer. It is the proprietary nicotine blend delivered by alt. that makes it so effective for helping people switch from smoking.

    alt. is simple. The alt. starter kit includes everything you need to get started. Simply slide the pod into the device and breathe in from the mouthpiece. No buttons, no refilling, just simple and effective.

    We recommend taking small drags on the alt. device to begin with so you can get use to feel of the device.

    alt. is puff activated so no need to press any buttons, simple drag from the device and it will activate, producing vapour.

    As you get more comfortable with using your device you can take deeper drags according to your own personal satisfaction.

    alt. is available in a range of different nicotine strengths: 40mg, 20mg and nicotine-free 0mg. The 40mg alt. variant most closely corresponds with the nicotine delivery of a cigarette and we recommend this strength for smokers new to alt.

    alt. is currently available in ten different flavoured pods:

    Gold Tobacco

    Menthol Ice




    Grape Mint



    Peach Ice


    alt. Pods last about the same amount of puffs as 1-1.5 packs of cigarettes.

    A single charge of an alt. lasts approximately 1 day of regular use. This will vary between personal usage habits.

    Yes, through our specialised recycling programme. Currently, alt. offers the only pod recycling programme available. Please see more information about our recycling programme here.

    Yes alt. is available in zero nicotine for some flavours. Please see the full range of flavours here.

    alt. e-liquid simply consists of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavours and nicotine.

    alt. e-liquid is emissions tested by an independent laboratory in the United Kingdom and are compliant with the strictest vaping regulations in the world - the European TPD.

    alt. pods have no detectable levels of diacetyl and do not contain Vitamin E.

    alt. pods are designed as single use pods only. The coil within the alt. is not designed to be used multiple times.

    Please read more about our pod recycling programme here.

    Please store your alt. battery and alt. pods away from any sources of heat or moisture and away from children and pets.