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    New FAQ (James - OD)


    The Government has chosen to limit the amount of flavours available through General Retailers to reduce the appeal of vaping to non-smokers/vapers. Overseas examples have shown that this restrictive approach leads to an increase in smoking rates and a reduction in smoking cessation.

    All our flavours are still available online and in Specialist Vape Retailers. We will continue to work with the Government to allow access to a range of flavours at General Retailers to help New Zealanders quit smoking!

    You will still be able to buy ALL flavours of vaping products at Specialist Vape Retailers.

    General Retailers:

    A General Retailer is any store that does not sell 70% or more vaping products. This includes Gas Stations, Supermarkets & Convenience Stores.These stores will only be permitted to sell Menthol, Mint or Tobacco flavoured vaping products.

    Specialist Vape Retailers:

    A Specialist Vape Retailer is any store that makes 70% or more of their income from vaping products. VAPO & for example, have only ever sold 100% vaping products. These stores are permitted to sell all flavours of vaping products including Menthol, Mint & Tobacco.

    Find a list of Specialist Vape Retailers here.

    You can purchase Tobacco, Menthol & Mint flavours at Gas Stations, Supermarkets & Convenience Stores.

    ALL flavours including Menthol, Tobacco & Mint will be available at VAPO retail sites (there are now 18 Stores across New Zealand and more to come) and selected Specialist Vape Retailers. Every flavour will also be available online at, &

    Find a store here.