Pod Recycling Programme

alt. is proud to partner with Terracycle for a world first recycling programme to 100% recycle alt. pods.

How to recycle your alt. pods:

Option 1.

Return your used pods to a VAPO Store located around New Zealand.

Simply deposit your used alt. pods in the alt. pod recycling bins at any VAPO Store. Details of store locations below.

Option 2.

If a VAPO Store is not located near you please contact customer service on support@getalt.co.nz. We will send you a prepaid return package for you to send back your used alt. pods for us to recycle.

Please collect at least 20 used alt. pods before sending.

More Options Coming Soon!

Soon we are launching an automated prepaid mailing option. This will include tokens that you collect for the alt. pods you recycle. These tokens can be converted to cash to give to our chosen charity Sustainable Coastlines!

VAPO Stores Nationwide

Bring your used alt. pods into any of the 11 VAPO stores around the country.

The amazing VAPO staff will show you the alt. recycling bin located in each store to ensure your alt. pods are 100% recycled through our alt. Pod Recycling Programme.

Not sure where your nearest VAPO store is located? Check the store locations below.

VAPO Stores

Cigarette butts are the largest source of ocean trash.

Cigarette butts account for the largest source of ocean trash. Switching to alt. eliminates 40 to 60 cigarette butts per pod. Now, with our world first recycling programme, you can 100% recycle your used alt. pods.