Discreet, simple and familiar design.

The conception of alt. came about from the recognised need for an alternative to smoking that is discrete, easy and as convenient as a cigarette while also providing similar satisfaction. The alt. utilises replaceable pods meaning no refilling, messy juice spills or coil changes. Simply replace the pod when empty and start using the device again.

Micro Technology, Macro Innovation.

alt. pods utilise the patented FEELM coil. FEELM is a cotton-free coil using a ceramic core to draw the liquid from the pod down to a metal film that atomises the liquid providing a smooth, consistent vapour with every drag. The resistance of the coil is optimised for battery longevity.

Convenience above all others.

The alt. boasts a small, sleek design that is both stylish and practical. Replaceable pods bring a new level of convenience to those looking for an alternative to smoking. The alt. also features a micro USB port to ensure ease of charging whenever and wherever you need it. No proprietary charger required.

You have the freedom to choose the alternative.